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Do you even know what a bookkeeper does? Hi, my name’s Scott Trevathan and I’m the founder of Go Global Bookkeeping and a lot of businesses that I come across just don’t understand exactly what it is that a bookkeeper does and the value that they really can add. You say it’s really rather simple. A bookkeeper just takes all of the inputs from your business and matches them with the outputs of your business.

What does that mean? If you think about a bank statement, all of the income that’s coming into your bank statement needs to get recorded somewhere, right? Uh, and all of the outputs from your bank statement that also needs to get recorded. At the end of the day, the balance of that is how much money your businesses made and where you’ve spent that money. That’s really important for you, a business owner to know exactly what that’s all about, because then you know how you can improve your performance. 

If you know someone who’s struggling with a concept of what a bookkeeper actually does and doesn’t understand the value, why don’t you go ahead and tag them below?

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