For Small Businesses

Have Your Accounting and Bookkeeping Taken Care Of For Less

GoGlobal lets every small business access professional bookkeeping and accounting.

Do You Know Your Numbers?

As a business owner, it’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how much money you KEEP.

Sadly, most business owners don’t pay enough attention to their numbers. They end up in debt and struggling to stay on top of cash flow.

Smart business owners understand what’s happening with their money! They invest in a professional team and the first person they hire is a good Bookkeeper.


6 Reasons Why You'll Love GoGlobal

GoGlobal empowers faster growth for accounting firm owners from around Australia.
Fully Qualified Accountants

Unlike most others, GoGlobal only hires fully qualified accountants. Even our bookkeepers are qualified accountants.

Extremely Affordable Pricing

Most bookkeepers and accountants charge $60-80 per hour. At GoGlobal, we’re less than half that—saving you thousands every year.

Dedicated Bookkeeper Or Accountant

Your GoGlobal team member will be committed to your business so you can rely on them to be available when you need them.

Daily Transaction Matching

Most other bookkeepers will reconcile your books a couple of times each month. We work daily so you’re always up to date.

Fixed Fee = No Surprises

No one likes unexpected costs. With GoGlobal, you pay one simple, easy to manage fixed fee per month. 

No Silly Lock-In Contracts

We seek to earn our value every day. You are free to cancel anytime but we are confident you’ll never have to.

A Friendly, Professional Team Member For Less

GoGlobal only hires fully qualified accountants who are communicative and tech-savvy. With the help of your dedicated accountant or bookkeeper, you will be completely clear on your business numbers and be able to reclaim hours every month.

Your GoGlobal team member will be in regular contact so you never find yourself wondering what is happening with your money.

Expect daily communication and near-instant response times from a financial services provider who will become an indispensable part of your team


What We Do

Here’s how GoGlobal’s bookkeeping and accounting staff can help you:

Bank Reconciliations

No more confusion! We make sure what has gone on in your bank is properly reflected in your books. You’ll be able to see in real time how your business is doing financially.

Accounts Payable

Every purchase is recorded in your accounts in the right place and with the right tax treatment.

Regular reports allow you to review your expenses and plan accordingly.

Invoice And Customer Setup

When you make a sale, we can send out invoices and set up new customers in your accounts.
We maintain your database and help make sure you get paid on time.

Debt Collection

Your GoGlobal professional will send out reminders and can call your customers about overdue accounts so you get your money sooner.

Payroll And Employee Management

To help you save time, we offer timesheet entry and payroll creation services. All you have to do is review then pay.

Fixed Assets

When you buy something for your business that lasts longer than 12 months it’s called a fixed asset. Recording these correctly means your accounts are more reliable.

Inventory Management

We can take the pain of stock management away by taking over this important task on your behalf.

Creation Of Payment Files

When it is time to pay your suppliers, we can reconcile statements and let you know who needs paying next. 

Regular Reports

Stay up to date on your business’s real financial performance with regular updates and reports, then leverage this data to grow your business. 

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