Success Story: How GoGlobal Helped This Melbourne Accounting Firm

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An Accounting firm in Melbourne share how their partnership with the Go Global team has helped their business.


Our client wanted to provide their clients with cloud bookkeeping. The difficulty was making it both profitable for the accounting firm and affordable for their clients. Before working with Go Global they had one onsite staff member handling around 30 clients and requiring a significant wage and benefits.


This client approached Go Global after being introduced to our service offering at an expo. Go Global helped our client see the benefits of staff leasing from a financial perspective – the numbers added up.


The clients from this accounting firm have never been more up to date with their own information. They are pleased that to have found a way to remove the tension between bookkeeper and accountant in order to directly help improve their businesses. Working with Go Global has helped them streamline their operations and save money.

  • They now have a full-time, fully trained outsourced bookkeeper, treating many clients and only costing around $25k per year.
  • EOFY accounts and BAS time has never been easier.  They are making more than three times the Go Global team member’s cost in revenue.
  • They save time in BAS preparation and Accounts preparation, so their team are further benefiting from increased production.
  • They also keep a spreadsheet schedule showing work required to ensure the Go Global outsourcer stays on track and is accountable.
  • They now have a full-time team member at Go Global who does all the ad-hoc bookkeeping tasks, along with some of the more routine ones.

This Accounting firm’s confidence in the output produced by Go Global led them to stop replacing internal staff members when they left, instead adding team members from Go Global. They have treated the Go Global staff like our own staff, talking with them in a daily huddle and filtering all tasks through the designated team leader (who also checks the work when it’s ready for review).

Do you want to experience the Go Global Difference? Do you think your business could enjoy the benefits outsourcing may be able to provide? What have you got to lose?

Take a chance.

A 30 minute obligation free consultation could be the difference between your business taking a positive turn this year, or staying the same.

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