Can a bookkeeper work from home?

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Well, it’s a changing world. And you might be faced with the question of whether your bookkeeper needs to physically come into your office? Well, the answer is really no. In today’s new computer age, we use Cloud accounting for most of our accounting bookkeeping needs. We have digital records, which means that your book came about really has no need to be physically present in your office in order to do your bookkeeping. 

Now, this has great advantages for you, because your bookkeeper no longer has to spend a long time coming to your office and then leaving your office. This means that your bookkeeper can just focus exactly on you when they’re working on your business. That should afford you better productivity or a cheaper bookkeeping right. 

Now, this also opens up the opportunity of a bookkeeper working remotely anywhere in the world. They don’t even need to be in the same timezone in order to do the same bookkeeping job that you used to get done. So those people that used to have a bookkeeper that would come in every second Tuesday and sit there the whole day taking up a desk, a computer and processing a whole bunch of invoices and accounts, they can now have daily bookkeeping done anywhere in the world. Thanks to cloud accounting.

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