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Outsource To An Experienced Offshore Team and Grow Your Business

GoGlobal helps accounting firms expand without a lengthy offshore setup process.

How Well Do You Serve Your Clients?

Accountants here in Australia have a massive head start and advantage when working with the local market.

You can be in front of clients, adding value at a local level and providing personal service.

However, all those back-of-house jobs can be costly and time consuming. Connect with GoGlobal and outsource to a ready-and-waiting team of accounting professionals.

With our help, you can offer a more comprehensive level of service to your clients, grow your own business and reclaim your time.

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Why GoGlobal?

GoGlobal empowers faster growth for accounting firm owners from around Australia.
Fully Qualified Accountants

Unlike most others, GoGlobal only hires fully qualified accountants. Even our bookkeepers are qualified accountants.

Extremely Affordable Pricing

Most bookkeepers and accountants charge $60-80 per hour. At GoGlobal, we’re less than half that—saving you thousands every year.

Specialists In Cloud Systems

Whether you’re using Xero, MYOB or QBO, we’ve got it covered. Our team will seamlessly connect with and use your systems.

Daily Transaction Matching

Most other bookkeepers will reconcile your books a couple of times each month. We work daily so you’re always up to date.

Fixed Fee = No Surprises

No one likes unexpected costs. With GoGlobal, you pay one simple, easy to manage fixed fee per month. 

No Silly Lock-In Contracts

We seek to earn our value every day. You are free to cancel anytime but we are confident you’ll never have to.

A Friendly, Professional Team Member For Less

GoGlobal only hires fully qualified accountants who are communicative and tech-savvy. With the help of your dedicated accountant or bookkeeper, you will be completely clear on your business numbers and be able to reclaim hours every month.

Your GoGlobal team member will be in regular contact so you never find yourself wondering what is happening with your money.

Expect daily communication and near-instant response times from a financial services provider who will become an indispensable part of your team


What We Do

Here’s how GoGlobal’s bookkeeping and accounting staff can help you:

White Labeling Services

We offer a complete “White Label” service which means we act as your team members to your clients. We bill you and you bill the client the way you want to.


We are also an easy solution for your client’s bookkeeping needs. Payroll, reconciliations, accounts payable entry—you name it, we can do it.

Preparation for BAS and Year End

GoGlobal can lodge BAS and get accounts ready to reduce your year end workload.

Management Reporting

If you do quarterly or monthly reviews with your clients, let us do all the grunt work of getting the numbers into your preferred format.


We are also an easy solution for your client’s bookkeeping needs. Payroll, reconciliations, accounts payable entry—you name it, we can do it.

Tax And Auditing Support

Ease your workload with extra tax and audit-qualified accountants on your team.

Dedicated Accountant For You

We provide you with an accountant who is a real person. You can communicate with them daily and treat them like one of your local team members.

Grow Your Own Bookkeeping Division

Quickly build a team that contributes significantly to your profits. The staff we add to your team are trained, certified, fully supported and supervised.

Grow Your Business

If you work alone, your time is never your own and you are limited by the hours you can work.
With Go Global, you can take on more clients and distribute the workload to an amazing team.

Grow Your Accounting Business The Easy Way

Whether it’s taxation or auditing assistance, SMSF administration or even practice administration, Go Global can make your Accounting firm more efficient and profitable.

Outsourcing is now a popular solution for accounting firms who want to achieve more without putting too much financial pressure on their clients.

GoGlobal gives you access to as many accountants and bookkeepers as you want without the frustrating search for the right person or the difficult onboarding process.

Your GoGlobal team members can be white labelled under your company name, giving you access to a behind-the-scenes or client-facing team almost overnight.

We train our staff to hit the ground running and ensure they are personable, tech-savvy and completely up to date on Australian accounting, bookkeeping and tax requirements.

Expect daily communication and near-instant response times from an accountant or bookkeeper who will soon become an indispensable part of your team.

accounting firms team outsource

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