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Bookkeeping Just Got Awesome

By providing expert offshore financial professionals, GoGlobal helps small business owners, accounting and bookkeeping firms to find more time, build their business and grow their profits.

The GoGlobal Story

Founder Scott Trevethan launched his accounting career in the days of paper receipts, endless records and constant financial confusion from business owners.

After spending time working in a corporate environment, he opened his own accounting firm, helping small business heroes to have a better understanding of their numbers.

Before long, Scott discovered offshoring. To provide better services to his clients, he built his team to include several overseas financial professionals.

Scott established GoGlobal after realising he had the potential to help an exponential number of entrepreneurs and even other accounting firm owners.

Now, GoGlobal provides bookkeeping, tax and audit services to businesses Australia-wide. Our fully qualified, tech-savvy accountants have the shared goals of adding value, making things easier and getting things right first time for our clients.

The GoGlobal team is fully trained and supervised and they are REAL people who you will love working with.

With GoGlobal, Bookkeeping just got awesome! We say this because we give business owners better financial control and access to a positive financial future.

Why Choose GoGlobal

Hundreds of business owners and accountants have discovered the GoGlobal difference.
Save Time

Reclaim the hours you spend balancing your books or filing your tax return.

Save Money

Hire an accountant or bookkeeper for less than $20 per hour.

Be In The Know

Have complete visibility about your financial circumstances.

Grow Your Business

Leverage your extra time and financial clarity to focus on strategy and growth.

Expand Your Team

Work with the same friendly and responsive bookkeeper or accountant each week.

Control Your Cash Flow

Feel better about the money you have coming in so you can plan for the future.

Our Founder

As a 25 year member of the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ), Scott has worked for the big four banks, for massive multinational companies and as the owner/director of a public accounting practice.

Based in Australia, Scott is very active in the management of GoGlobal. He aims to provide personal guidance to support clients as they start their outsourcing journey.

A passionate business owner and philanthropist, Scott regularly travels to the Philippines to visit his team in Cebu, and is committed to giving back through various local and international charities.

Your Team Member

GoGlobal’s team of accountants and bookkeepers is based in The Philippine city of Cebu. We only hire fully qualified accountants so we can be sure you have access to the best professional knowledge.

A supportive, training-focused and friendly culture means our staff thrive in their working environment.

We make sure your team member loves coming to our office every day so they can focus on providing your business with the very best customer service.